August 2021

Dan Cant

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A Senior Consultant with 20+ years of Top Producing/Award Winning sales and agency recruitment experience. Dan recruits top tier, high impact sales professionals across North America for the Building Materials Industry. He has hands on experience with manufacturers and distribution channels and focuses on Building Envelope, Interior Finishes, Lumber & Building Materials (LBM) and Architecture and Design sectors. From Inside Sales to the Senior Leadership positions he leverages his sales background, recruitment experience and knowledge of the Building […]

Peter Haslock

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In every talent search, the goal is always to find the person who best fits the seat in every aspect. From skill set alignment to personality and commitment, these traits are what we strive to find for our clients every time.

With that in mind, what you will get from Peter is a recruiter who fully understands the importance of ensuring that each candidate presented has the skills required by our client.

In addition to my […]

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