Shelby is a senior associate in TalentSphere’s Renewable Energy division. She knows how important our career is for long-term happiness and prides herself on gathering an in-depth understanding of your needs which enables a deeper understanding and overall higher outcome of success.

With years of experience recruiting entry-level to senior management, in both white and blue-collar professions, across many levels of organization cycles; she maintains a genuine enjoyment and personability with clients and candidates. A consistent approach and an outstanding moral compass offer additional needed value throughout client processes;with her ultimate goal being long-term support for businesses and clients alike.

Sample jobs filled:

›Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Environmental, Petroleum, Agricultural, Materials, Civil, Design)

›Project Manager ›Project Coordinator

›Project Developer

›Site Manager

›Facility Manager

›Planning agent (Master Planner, Agent Supervisor, Planning Agent)

›Senior Management

›And many more!

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