A marketing/sales specialized recruiter responsible for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, promotional strategies, quantifiable results, validation and reference checks on proven success rates from candidates.
Evaluates market data trends to identify business opportunities for revenue resources and profitability.
Design the company’s sales hiring strategy.
Works with sales directors to determine annual hiring needs.
Helps hiring managers in crafting appealing job descriptions.
Advertises job postings on multiple recruiting sources.
Source candidates via various methods (like participating in events, organizing career days, using databases or social media).
Conducts screening calls.
Shortlist candidates based on criteria of high performance in sales.
Schedules interviews on behalf of sales hiring teams.
Tracks metrics to spot successes and opportunities for improvement in the hiring process.
Supports hiring teams and help them make objective hiring decisions.

Sample positions filled:

  • Marketing (director, manager, associates)
  • Sales (director, manager, associates)
  • Upper level management
  • Digital marketing (director, manager, associates)
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