Temporary Staffing and Interim Solutions

Organizations face a consistent demand to maintain efficiency regardless of fluctuations created by seasonal demand, worker absenteeism, project work, parental leave, market conditions and organizational change.

The utilization of a flexible workforce in the form of temporary hires, interim management solutions and specific contract workers is an effective tool used for workforce planning.

TalentSphere understands the need for fast and efficient sourcing of this temporary workforce and the importance of identifying talent that can hit the ground running, with very little start up cost and is able to contribute immediately to the business that they are joining. We understand that hiring a temporary worker is not ‘plugging a gap’ but, more often than not, a strategic move on the organization’s behalf aimed at creating a tangible outcome. As a result, our screening processes are as robust as our permanent hiring processes just often done at three times the speed!

We understand that recruitment is more than just testing, screening, industry expertise, bespoke solutions…

It’s about relationships

TalentSphere maintains an active temporary workforce with proven experience operating on a contract basis. Our candidates are often experienced contractors who have chosen the lifestyle afforded by interim work and who bring an abundance of experience to each and every assignment which they complete. Our candidates are thoroughly vetted and we can provide both reference checks and background screening on request of our client.

  • Systems implementations, conversions and upgrades
  • Maternity, holiday, jury or sick leave cover
  • Employee secondments
  • Difficulty filling permanent positions
  • Unexpected resignations
  • Backlogs
  • Growth and seasonal work patterns
  • Permanent headcount freezes
  • Relocations
  • Restructuring
  • Reduce costs (*ask us how)
  • Dedicated consultants who understand the temporary job market and appropriate candidate solutions
  • Candidates screened for appropriate experience and skills – testing available
  • Full coverage and handling of all payroll, insurance and legal administration by our dedicated back
    office team
  • Candidates referenced so you can have an immediate start
  • Same day solutions on many roles
  • Immediate opportunities that often act as a springboard to the next career move
  • Flexibility – from work-life balance to seasonal preferences
  • Opportunity to explore a new career path before making a full change
  • Exposure to varied environments creating a broader skill set
  • Premium payment for specialist projects and high demand skill set
  • Weekly hassle free payroll