May 2019

How to Determine ROI of a New Employee

Creating and hiring for a new role usually requires some research. It’s not enough to ask leadership and HR to list a position without being able to justify the cost of the recruitment process and a new employee salary. Being able to [...]

This is How You Lose a Job Interview

Eye contact. Firm handshake. Sit up straight. There are plenty of things people know to make sure they do at an interview. But what are the most important things not to do? Making sure you sidestep certain issues can have just as [...]

April 2019

Interested in a Career in Interior Design? These Are The Most Important Qualities

Have you always dreamed of being an interior designer and creatively shaping spaces? Maybe you’ve been inspired by HGTV shows, Pinterest, or Interior Design magazine. Whatever your reason for wanting to make interior design your career, there are a few things to [...]

The evolution of the recruitment industry. How remote working is the way forward for Agency Recruiters

The 80’s was probably the heyday for agency recruitment consultants as economies boomed and growth hungry clients swallowed up teams of people from savvy recruiters. Ferrari’s and Porsches were not uncommon in the car parks of recruitment firms across the world. The 90’s saw [...]

Tips for Hiring the Right Human Resources Professional

Is it time for your growing business to hire an HR pro? Not every business, particularly startups, can afford a full-time HR team member, and some businesses don’t need one right away. Many HR responsibilities can initially be handled by the business [...]

Is There a People Problem in Construction?

Every industry or business is only as good as their people. Hiring the right team and having the best possible team in place is crucial to the success of any organization. The construction industry and construction companies seem to be on the [...]

How to Truly Impress Your Interviewer

The job process starts with an application and becomes a more serious commitment when it comes time to interview. The interview can be a simple conversation to help establish your skill set, experience, and company fit, or it can feel like meeting [...]

March 2019

Hunter or Farmer? What Does Your Business Really Need?

To some, a good salesperson is a good salesperson. They’re a gregarious, professional, proactive go-getter who keeps their eye on the objective and works to grow the business by finding and securing new customers. Good salespeople, though, come in two distinct types: [...]

How to Improve Your Skills as an Architect

In successful architects, you’ll usually find a combination of experience and education. Knowledge, as well as practical application, are both necessary in a successful architectural career. But what can help set you apart further down in your career path when most architects are [...]

Tips for Building a Successful Career in the Construction Industry

Construction can be a rewarding, interesting, and lucrative career, with nearly endless possibilities and paths to explore. Here are some ways to go about growing a successful career in this large, varied industry. Continue adding skills: No matter how much experience you have, [...]

February 2019

The Top Five Skills You Need to Be an Architect

Becoming an architect can be a fulfilling accomplishment that not only benefits the individual but the public as well. Architecture, in all of its forms, is art that enriches people’s lives through well-designed buildings and structures that are both safe and functional. To become [...]

Learn About Career Paths for a Construction Project Manager

Project managers are needed in just about every industry. They are essential in coordinating and completing business projects in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. Project managers have a skill set that can be carried across various industries, and right now there [...]

Important Tips for Building Materials Manufacturers to Grow Sales

How can you help your sales people win every sale? Hiring the right talent is essential, but it’s also important to provide supportive resources that help your team succeed.  Here’s what to focus on. Structured and thorough onboarding processes: No one likes to [...]

How to Decide Between Retained Executive Search and Contingency Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting the best talent for your organization, most recruiting agencies use either retained or contingent approaches. But what’s the difference, and which is better for your business? Here’s what to know. Retained Search: Much like working with a [...]

January 2019

How to Properly Onboard Sales Reps in the Building Materials Industry

When it comes to hiring new individuals in the building industry, it's essential to invest adequate resources into onboarding and training. This is especially true when it comes to bringing new sales representatives into your organization. However, since onboarding standards can vary significantly from [...]

What an Architect Looks for From a Great A&D Sales Rep

Increasing your sales as an A&D rep takes time, effort and well-established relationships. However, while many sales reps spend their time focusing attention on establishing connections with manufacturers and local dealers, they miss the importance of working directly with architects when finding new revenue [...]

Managing Your Career: How to Network for Success at the WRLA

Conferences and trade shows are excellent opportunities to meet people from your industry who can help connect you to your next sale, your next job opportunity or give career advice and industry information. The 2019 WRLA (Western Retail Lumber Association) Buying Show [...]

Ways Your Firm Can Improve Its Recruitment Process/Employer Brand

Sourcing new employees can sometimes be a challenge, especially as organizations begin scaling their operations and stretching their departmental bandwidth. Even so this doesn't remove the importance of investing adequate resources into your recruitment processes. Over the years, the ways [...]

May 2018

February 2018

5 Year Anniversary

From a idea in 2013, to a successful business across 3 continents, TalentSphere now celebrates 5 years in business. A special thank you to the TalentSphere team for all their hard work and determination to place people in amazing [...]