October 2021

Reward = Retention

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Recruiting and retaining the staff who can deliver the strategic objectives of an organisation are fundamental responsibilities of any manager.  Whilst selecting individuals who match the ethos and culture is crucial, they will not join the organisation if the pay and benefits package is not attractive. Joanne attends a conference with guest speaker Evan Johnson, managing director of the Rewards Group, and summarises Evan’s simple steps for managing the reward package for employees at all levels.

E-recruitment Unravelled

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E-recruitment Unravelled

The first generation of e-recruitment solutions were hit and miss. Jobseekers lacked the confidence to search online, and recruiters received large volumes of irrelevant resumes. Now, e-recruitment is becoming a crucial part of business, and forms the basis of many companies’ recruitment strategies.

For organizations looking to hire, reliable technology is already available to help. Virtual recruitment is a go-to method to keep hiring processes moving while protecting recruiters and […]

Staffing a Shared Service Centre

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In the last few years, companies aiming to reduce the cost of certain central functions – such as finance, HR and processing – have increasingly turned to shared service centres (SSC) to reduce internal overheads through eliminating unnecessary duplication and improving process efficiencies. SSCs achieve this by standardising technologies, simplifying processes and consolidating or eliminating redundant resources, and there are many implications for recruitment and retention specific to implementing the SSC concept.

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September 2021

Behavioral Profiling

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Jobseekers are being faced with all manner of extra hurdles in addition to the humble interview, before securing an offer. One method increasingly used by employers is behavioural profiling – but what exactly is it, and why are you more likely to come across it these days?

  • Setting the scene
  • What is behavioral profiling?
  • Give me the reason…
  • Profile yourself – online

Setting the Scene

‘I had one […]

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