Important Tips for Building Materials Manufacturers to Grow Sales

How can you help your sales people win every sale? Hiring the right talent is essential, but it’s also important to provide supportive resources that help your team succeed.  Here’s what to focus on. Structured and thorough onboarding processes: No one likes to [...]

How to Properly Onboard Sales Reps in the Building Materials Industry

When it comes to hiring new individuals in the building industry, it's essential to invest adequate resources into onboarding and training. This is especially true when it comes to bringing new sales representatives into your organization. However, since onboarding standards can vary significantly from [...]

What an Architect Looks for From a Great A&D Sales Rep

Increasing your sales as an A&D rep takes time, effort and well-established relationships. However, while many sales reps spend their time focusing attention on establishing connections with manufacturers and local dealers, they miss the importance of working directly with architects when finding new revenue [...]

Managing Your Career: How to Network for Success at the WRLA

Conferences and trade shows are excellent opportunities to meet people from your industry who can help connect you to your next sale, your next job opportunity or give career advice and industry information. The 2019 WRLA (Western Retail Lumber Association) Buying Show [...]