January 2022

Creating a Culture of Retention

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Offices everywhere are full of eager employees poised for fresh starts! There is recharged enthusiasm for conquering previously unconquerable projects. Time with family and friends has allowed for the creation of elaborate dreams to assist in the accomplishment of elaborate goals. In corporations around the world, the New Year brings a revived optimism for all of mankind. 

Amongst all this joy and good cheer looms a rarely talked about issue that can wreak havoc […]

December 2021

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!

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May we continue to become stronger!

From all of us at TalentSphere.

As we welcome the holiday season, we also reflect on the past 20 months. The organism of the workplace has evolved in ways that were never imagined before March 2020. Hybrid, WFH, and Remote are standards in many workplaces, and a Zoom call has become second nature.

As recruiters, we now play a delicate part in navigating this new world as we continue to put our employees, clients, and candidates in […]

November 2021

Assessment Centres – evaluating the need

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Assessment centres – evaluating the need

The growth of the use of assessment centres has been rapid. Recently, over 45% of organisations which responded to a survey used assessment centres.  The survey also found that the use of assessment centres was more prevalent in the private sector and by larger organisations. Nowadays, two fifths of top companies are now said to use them to help recruit, and that includes most of the major banks. Heidi […]

Competency-based interviewing in focus

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Now used as a framework for the HR procedures of many blue-chip organisations, competency-based interviewing (CBI) is the latest form of behavioural interviewing to hit the job market. Unlike the traditional interview that focuses on the individuals’ skills, knowledge and education, this technique allows you to analyse the candidates’ core being – highlighting personality traits, examining competencies and assessing how well they might integrate into your company culture. What better way to prise out those snippets of information […]

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