September 2021

Counter-Offer Culture

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You’ve been interviewing on the hour for the past four days. If you have to shake hands with another smiling, nervous applicant you might just have to scream. Then, in walks someone confident, assured and with a near perfect match of resume to job spec. Suddenly, you think your recruitment consultant is a guardian angel. The minute this gem walks out of your office after the interview you can’t grapple for the phone quickly enough to convey a […]

August 2021

Time management for you and your team

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There are 86,000 seconds in each day. In those seconds, people run countries and manage large conglomerates. Others, however, find it difficult to complete even the smallest of tasks. So, how do successful managers do it? The answer lies in effective time management.

•             What is time management?

•             Get SMART

•             The four step axis

•             Managing demands

•             Timewasters

Managing Meetings

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Monday morning. Your in-tray is jammed. It’s standing room only in your email inbox. You’re already five minutes late for your 9.30 meeting and you have the CEO’s secretary on the line asking you to attend a lunch meeting today! At the same time, one of your team is tapping you on the shoulder anxiously demanding a moment of your time. Time?

Why have this meeting anyway?

Bernard Langley, a manager […]

November 2020

5 Ways to Advance Your Career as an Accountant

By |2020-11-28T22:27:38-04:00November 8, 2020|Candidates, TalentSphere|

People who work in accounting enjoy a lot of career flexibility and stability. Not only do accounting and tax firms need qualified candidates, but businesses in every industry also rely on talented accounting professionals to help manage their finances. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 1.54 million accounting jobs by 2026. How can you make sure that you find yourself in one of these roles? To advance your career as an accountant, you can:

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