February 2023

Embracing the Entitled

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Be honest; when you read the title of our TalentSphere Update, did it immediately conjure up an image of a selfie-taking, social media addicted, text-obsessed millennial? Before we go any further, let us first take a moment and apologize to the recent generation entering the workforce. Turns out, there may not be any increase at all in narcissism over the past few decades. In a scientific analysis of approximately one-half million high-school seniors over three decades,  Brent Donnellan and Kali […]

Interviews: Traditional or Transparent?

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It is commonly known that all individuals should put their best foot forward throughout the interviewing process – both applicants and hiring managers alike. Offices are tidied up, everyone is polite with introductory small talk, and professional game faces are on.

“My greatest weaknesses? I work too hard. I sometimes care too much about the work I do. I don’t know when to quit; some have even told me my tendency to over-achieve makes others in the department second-guess their value […]

January 2023

Allocating your Attention

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“I just find myself with too much time on my hands throughout the day!” Is it safe to assume that this statement has rarely, if ever, been muttered by leaders and managers in today’s professional environment? In fact, “being busy” is often worn as a prideful badge of honor. It is a popular statement in part because it is an admirable one. Having free time, on the other hand, makes you look dispensable and irrelevant.

In a time when we are […]

Small Lessons in Leadership

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Within many industries, the success of a business relies more on the people you pay than the people who pay you. In other words, your people are your most important asset. In some industries, people are your only asset.

Creating clear and quantifiable career paths, providing consistent reviews and feedback, and crafting an environment of ongoing learning and perpetual growth are all huge pillars in the foundation of retaining the superstars you want to retain.

But once that foundation is poured and […]

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