August 2021

Giving Performance Appraisals

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Poor staff retention rates cost employers valuable time and money, which in the current climate just isn’t an option. When your own HR department is relatively small – or non-existent – and outsourcing HR services isn’t viable, how you tackle retention is crucial. How can you keep costs down and still maintain staff development?

  • The need for appraisals
  • Benefits to your staff
  • Preparation
  • Mapping their career
  • In the appraisal
  • Handling confrontation
  • Post-appraisal action
  • The need for appraisals

Giving Salary Reviews

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How to give a pay review and not get taken for a ride – conducting pay reviews might seem straightforward. Your employee requests a pay review, you arrange a meeting, they put forward their case and after careful consideration, you make a decision and communicate it.

  • Preparation
  • The Review
  • Awarding a Raise
  • Declining a Raise


But there is more to pay review than this. You can make your employees happy and […]

Managing Meetings

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Monday morning. Your in-tray is jammed. It’s standing room only in your email inbox. You’re already five minutes late for your 9.30 meeting and you have the CEO’s secretary on the line asking you to attend a lunch meeting today! At the same time, one of your team is tapping you on the shoulder anxiously demanding a moment of your time. Time?

Why have this meeting anyway?

Bernard Langley, a manager […]

Hold onto your Star Temps

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More people consciously choose to move from job to job – acquiring new skills, working the hours that suit them and shying away from long-term commitments. How times have changed. Until recently, ‘the temp’ was called in for sickness or holiday cover and given little in the way of incentive, motivation or even common courtesy. These days however, financial services organizations are crying out for temporary talent, and the boot is somewhat on the other foot. What can […]

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