Human resources is a crucial part of every business. HR teams help to shape business teams by helping to attract and retain employees as well as work to manage employee benefits, handle employment law, work on payroll, and plenty more. The best HR managers will have a mix of skills that help them handle all aspects of human resource operations to help them build successful teams and contribute positively to business strategy.

Here are some of the most important qualities of a successful human resource manager.

  1. Integrity: Human resource employees often deal with a lot of sensitive employee information, which means they need to have a strong sense of integrity and ethics. Discretion and honesty are both huge parts of being a successful HR manager.
  2. Patience: Many human resource processes take a significant amount of time. Employee hiring can take weeks or months, reviews are an ongoing process, and culture and benefit rollouts can take months to launch. Effective HR managers are patient, persistent, and flexible in their day to day work.
  3. Leadership: HR managers are an important part of company leadership. They are influential in helping to maintain company culture and securing top talent to help drive the business forward. Strong leadership skills are necessary to help plan, strategize, and execute effectively in the areas of employee management and engagement.
  4. Good communication skills: HR managers need to be able to communicate with both employers and employees. Written and oral communication skills must be clear and concise to effectively work with individuals on all levels of the organization. Communication is also a skill that will assist in negotiation. Whether it’s salaried negotiations or conflict between co-workers, management, employees, HR managers need to assist both sides and understand both perspectives.

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