Your sales resume is a powerful tool in introducing yourself to new companies. It’s essential to create the strongest profile for yourself to gain attention and secure an interview so you can walk through your skills and qualifications with a potential new employer.

Here are some of the best ways to strengthen your sales resume.

  1. Focus on results: The best way to make sure your sales resume stands out is to use statistics. Instead of saying that you increased your close rate every month, say by how much. Incorporate quota numbers and performance indicators that show your value to a company. Offer percentages that focus on growth and bottom-line improvements. These numbers show that you’re a results-oriented candidate who can get the job done.
  2. Use your accomplishments: In addition to highlighting key experience indicators with hard facts and statistics, you want to make sure you include other relevant achievements like promotions earned, awards won, or complicated, key projects front and center. Keep your list of most relevant accomplishments at the top of your resume so that employers can quickly identify your strengths.
  3. Include keywords: Modern recruitment technology will scan uploaded candidate resumes for pre-selected keywords; often, those included right in the job description. Make sure your resume matches some of this language to make sure when it’s screened by recruiting software, it will flag you as a match and escalate your resume to the appropriate people like HR teams and hiring managers.
  4. Proofread: Even talented, experienced people miss this step. Ask a peer to review your resume for errors to make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities that you’re qualified for because of typos or other easy-to-fix trouble spots. Clean, correct resumes still count because often sales positions can be very competitive, even for internal postings and jobs.

If you’re looking to find your next sales role, get in touch with our team today. We can help match your skills, talent, and experience with the right company.