Construction can be a rewarding, interesting, and lucrative career, with nearly endless possibilities and paths to explore. Here are some ways to go about growing a successful career in this large, varied industry.

  1. Continue adding skills: No matter how much experience you have, it’s always important to continue learning through seminars, classes, trade shows, and trade publications. The construction industry is known for changes – from building codes to building technology – so staying informed is essential. Plus, it shows potential employers you’re serious about your work and about growing your skill set.
  2. Be curious: It’s not possible to know everything and it’s okay to ask questions. In fact, questions are key for success in the construction industry, where there are so many specs, different people to interact with, project details, and safety issues. Asking questions can help you augment your knowledge set, perform your job better, and help you build relationships in the industry.
  3. Enhance your portfolio: Asking questions and staying curious along your construction career path will lead you to more successful projects, ultimately helping you build a good portfolio. A good portfolio is one of the best ways to market yourself. Your portfolio can highlight either specialized experience or involvement and understanding of multiple types of construction; however, a potential employer should be able to look at your portfolio and understand your working knowledge of multifamily, high-end residential, retail, and industrial construction, as well as experience in new build versus renovation projects. A portfolio should also include information about your track record for completing a project on time and on budget. A comprehensive portfolio is crucial for career growth, as it serves as a snapshot of your breadth of skills and experience and allows employers to gain a sense of what skills you have that could transfer to meeting needs they have.

There are plenty of career opportunities to discover and explore in construction. If you’re looking to make your move into the industry, contact our expert team today. We can assess your skills and experience and work to match you with the right opportunity that you can grow into a career.