If you love your job, chances are you’re not looking for a new one. In fact, you might not have thought about changing jobs or applying to new places in years because you love your company or have earned promotions. But reaching out to a recruiter makes sense even if you’re happily employed. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Because you might deserve a raise: When was the last time you checked to see if you were being paid what you are worth? If you have a specialized position, certification, or a certain amount of experience, it never hurts to check in to make sure you’re being paid fairly. Recruiters have their finger on the pulse of current salaries in an industry and can help make sure you’re earning as much as possible. Some employees even use current market data they get from conversations with recruiters to negotiate a raise in their current position.
  • Because you might find a job you love more: It’s always possible. Sometimes teams come to feel like families and it’s hard to think of working anywhere else. But if there are more challenging positions, growth opportunities or companies you’ve always admired and wanted to work for, that might be incentive enough to consider switching jobs. A recruiter can help you identify these possibilities and opportunities.
  • Because industries and the economy fluctuate and it helps to have connections just in case: Even if you’re confident in your job security, knowing a recruiter who is familiar with your background, skills, experience and preferences can help you kick off a more successful job hunt faster if need be. This can help you feel even more confident and relaxed in your current day to day work.

No matter how satisfied you are in your job, even one call with a recruiter can help educate you on any other possibilities that might find interesting or lucrative. If you’re ready to speak with a knowledgeable recruiter, contact our expert team today and we can help you discover what might be next.