You’ve made the decision to recruit and now you have now a mountain of resumes to get through. How do you sort through it? It looks like a pile of paperwork needing your attention. Reading and extracting the vital information you need can be like holding a virtual interview in your own head.

Key skills & achievements

•             How would their skills benefit you?

•             Have they showed that they can set goals and achieve them?

•             How involved have they been in other studies?

•             Do their key skills correlate with the job?

•             What makes them unique?

Qualifications & education

•             Do they have the educational background needed to complete the job?

•             Have they done other courses to develop their skills?

•             Are their grades consistent? Have they exemplified a professional standard in their studies?


•             How long have they been with each employer?

•             Have they worked for a variety of different employers? Consider size and structure/systems, team size, location and nature of the business

•             What was their position, who did they report to?

•             What clients have they worked for?

•             Have they put forward any initiatives?

•             Did they receive any promotions?

•             What were their responsibilities?

•             What successes have they achieved?

•             Have they been unemployed for a long duration?

•             Have they travelled or gained worldly experience?

•             Have they worked from the bottom up? Do they have any grounding or administrative skills that would help them in the position?

•             If a graduate, were they capable of working and studying at the same time? What work experience do they have? Did they win any work placements?

•             Have they given a reason for leaving their current position?

Hobbies and interests

•             What are their interests?

•             Are they team players or do they ‘play’ on their own?

•             What character traits do their hobbies and interests suggest?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions regarding the contained information, or require any recruitment assistance.