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February 2022

Retaining the Best Staff

By |2021-11-18T17:49:23-04:00February 7, 2022|Retaining the Best Staff, Companies, Ways to Improve Candidate Communication, Staffing a Shared Service Centre, Share and share alike: share option schemes, Training|

Retention of key staff should be a key issue for any employer at the moment. We are in a candidate short market the likes of which we haven’t seen before, even in the late 80s, so retaining the good people you have is almost more important than getting them into the organisation. For most employers, the true cost of a new employee is not the agency fee or the advertising, but the training and “ramp up” to full productivity that […]

January 2022

Coaching on the Job Training

By |2021-11-18T17:09:22-04:00January 17, 2022|Companies, Training|

These days, training is an expensive commitment and yet remains a key activity to ensure sales success, staff retention, and growth of the organisation and many other critical aspects of the development of any business. As an alternative, you might consider formalising a coaching program in your business.

To put it simply, coaching is on-the-job training. Anyone can be a coach – from a PA providing some quick computer training at the desk, to a manager receiving help on something from […]

November 2021

Languages for business

By |2021-07-19T12:04:35-04:00November 1, 2021|Candidates, Companies, Languages for business|

In the global economy, it is vital to be able to communicate effectively with other cultures. With English the accepted world language of business, are ‘locals’ getting too complacent?

  • Sailing blindly into the unknown
  • How easy is it to learn?
  • Complacency amongst the Locals
  • Misguided support from business
  • Minding your Ps and Qs
  • Dividends for business

Sailing blindly into the unknown

A survey carried out by a language training company […]

September 2021

Behavioral Profiling

By |2021-07-19T12:00:23-04:00September 27, 2021|Companies, Behavioral Profiling|

Jobseekers are being faced with all manner of extra hurdles in addition to the humble interview, before securing an offer. One method increasingly used by employers is behavioural profiling – but what exactly is it, and why are you more likely to come across it these days?

  • Setting the scene
  • What is behavioral profiling?
  • Give me the reason…
  • Profile yourself – online

Setting the Scene

‘I had one […]

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