November 2020

5 Ways to Advance Your Career as an Accountant

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People who work in accounting enjoy a lot of career flexibility and stability. Not only do accounting and tax firms need qualified candidates, but businesses in every industry also rely on talented accounting professionals to help manage their finances. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 1.54 million accounting jobs by 2026. How can you make sure that you find yourself in one of these roles? To advance your career as an accountant, you can:

April 2020

Maneuvering Your Job Search Through COVID-19

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Right now times are very uncertain, very stressful and even a bit frightening. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. In a matter of days, millions of people found themselves suddenly out of work. Millions more are weeks or even days away from losing their jobs, and millions more still are left uncertain about whether their companies will last through this crisis.

While the numbers are […]

February 2020

Key Strengths to Look For in Building Products Industry Candidates

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Identifying top talent is an important way to build a successful foundation for your business.  Hard-working, loyal, and intelligent are characteristics that come to mind when you think of “best of” candidates, but what else do candidates for lumber and building materials positions need to have?

Look for LBM job seekers who have the following traits:

  • Customer-focused and relationship-oriented: The best candidates are those that prioritize the customer experience above all else. Having a customer first mentality will […]

These Are The Top Recruitment Marketing Trends of 2020

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Recruiting top talent requires a certain kind of marketing. While you’re not advertising goods and services or products for sale, employers do have a brand they need to pay attention to. Employer branding and marketing efforts are important for attracting and recruiting candidates, and the stronger your employer marketing, the better talent you’ll be able to place in your open positions.

Here are some of the top recruitment marketing trends employers can benefit from in 2020.

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