The success of your business is related to the success of your supply chain team. And the success of that team? It depends on the quality of hires you get to fill your roles. As simple as this sounds – hire quality candidates to create successful teams who contribute to the success of your business – it can be easier said than done.  If you’re struggling to find supply chain talent, here are four out of the box recruitment techniques that can help you find candidates and fill roles.

  1. Use supply chain associations: Supply chain associations – groups and networks of supply chain professionals such as APICS or CSCMP – can make up a significant part of a successful recruiting strategy. Consider getting involved with a local branch of an organization and get connected to members. You can sponsor chapter events, host networking events, or be involved in other ways that allow you to grow awareness of your brand with potential candidates who are already interested in supply chain careers.
  2. Employee referrals: Candidate referrals from current employees are a top recruitment method for many businesses. Employees often have friends with similar interests or educational background, meaning that they may already know qualified applicants and can serve as a spokesperson for your organization. Partnerships between executive teams and HR groups can help lead to the development of an employee referral program that can motivate and incentivize current employees to reach out to their networks.
  3. Work with local schools: If a nearby university has a supply chain program, consider partnering with them to find new hires. This can help your business by aligning you with qualified talent and also helps universities with job placement. Utilizing this network can play a significant role in your hiring strategy for entry-level positions.
  4. Search your existing database: This practice can help you in two ways. The first is that it helps you identify talent within your organization who may have the skills or qualifications to work in another department or role. Whether it’s a promotion or a lateral move that puts your existing employee in a role they’re more suited for, it can be helpful for your business and your current team members to look into tapping into that talent first when a new role opens. It’s also helpful to look through previously received resumes and applications as a quick way to screen for initial applicants for new positions – it’s possible that submissions weren’t a good fit for the role they applied for but would work well for your recent opening.
  5. Bring in a consultant:  Working with the right recruitment firm – one that specializes in supply chain placement can give you greater access to quality candidates, including those outside of your immediate network and even those who aren’t actively looking for a new role. A staffing partner can also help you understand what to offer candidates with a better understanding of the employment marketing and salary trends.

If you’re looking for the best talent for your open supply chain positions, get in touch with us today. Our expert supply chain recruiters can help you staff your team today.