The need to find the best talent remains a top priority for most businesses, and both candidates and companies have become more selective about who they align themselves with professionally. To streamline the process and get a competitive edge in the talent search, more organizations have incorporated smart software and AI-driven tech to help them find qualified candidates faster. What does the increased AI usage in HR mean for your career? Will it affect your job search? Here are some things to know as more HR departments move towards AI.

  1. Maintain a consistent personal brand across all forms of social media: AI technology can often not only screen resumes faster, but it can also turn to other parts of the internet to glean useful candidate information. It’s possible for companies to more efficiently screen your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other online activity to find out if you’re a good professional and cultural fit. Keeping your personal brand clean and consistent across social media platforms is key in making sure you connect with the right employers in the age of AI.  
  2. Use the right keywords and format: AI-enabled tech is automated and built to screen resumes faster to reduce manual work by HR employees and recruiters. One of the way ways the software does this is to screen documents for keywords. These are often pulled right from a job ad and include things like job title, software proficiencies, and role-related keywords like “project management.” It’s also becoming increasingly important to use simpler resume documents so that recruitment software can more easily scan your resume. A simple PDF can be easily uploaded and read by most recruitment software. Including too many graphics or other elements can lead to screening systems missing key information.
  3. Maintain relevant relationships: A personal recommendation is always going to bear more weight than an AI recommended candidate, so keeping strong industry connections is still a huge factor in getting connected with the right companies.

AI is a promising way to help businesses connect with and hire top talent, but it isn’t a substitute for personal relationships and industry experience. If you’re looking for your next role, contact TalentSphere Staffing Solutions today. Our industry experience and connections mean we know the organizations that are looking for your skills and experience and can help you connect with the roles that are right for you.