Many employers and employees believe that AI and machine learning are a threat to jobs and will be disruptive to businesses. The truth is that much of the advanced technology can help to create better working environments for employees.

  • Better designs: Machine learning can accomplish tasks like predicting the frequency of use of meeting rooms and help design firms create better plans for business owners and construction companies alike. It also helps identify potential mistakes or risks in a design before moving forward.
  • Safer job sites: Machine learning won’t replace site supervisors or the human talent that scouts sites, spots risks, and enforce safety protocols; it can help make the process more efficient. In some instances, construction companies have used machine learning to scan photos of active sites and identify safety concerns, such as workers not wearing hard hats or other worksite gear. Machine learning can provide fast analysis that can help organizations implement necessary solutions quicker. Safety is critical construction sites, and any additional safety should be a priority for businesses.
  • Project lifecycle improvements: Using machine learning’s advanced capabilities to collect and analyze data more quickly and thoroughly, it can reduce manual input and improve the efficiency of administrative duties. By adding machine learning to building information modeling systems, businesses can use the data analysis to determine better ways to carry about maintenance and repairs by using the predictive power of AI to identify when and where problems may occur.

The use of AI and machine learning in your construction business is important for two reasons. First, the ways that technology can create better working conditions should be promoted as a way to attract and retain talent who are interested in working for forward-thinking companies. It also important for your organization to hire talent that can implement and support these technologies in a way that supports your business.

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