Identifying top talent is an important way to build a successful foundation for your business.  Hard-working, loyal, and intelligent are characteristics that come to mind when you think of “best of” candidates, but what else do candidates for lumber and building materials positions need to have?

Look for LBM job seekers who have the following traits:

  • Customer-focused and relationship-oriented: The best candidates are those that prioritize the customer experience above all else. Having a customer first mentality will help them win business and deliver on expectations no matter where in the business they work. Those who prioritize customer relationships are excellent problem solvers and enthusiastic team players.
  • Authentic, transparent communication: Going hand in hand with a customer-oriented attitude is effective, authentic, and obvious communication with all customers, clients, and stakeholders.  More than just honesty, authenticity, and transparency mean taking responsibility and initiative. Candidates who are straightforward and timely communicators make your brand look better and grow a positive reputation for your business.
  • Technical competence: Candidates should be willing to learn and engage with new technology and be ready to be crossed-trained in different areas. An understanding of current trends and widely-used tech should help prioritize applicants, as training and tech knowledge will continue to grow in importance.
  • Industry knowledge: Strong candidates are knowledgeable in the construction process and supply chain. They can speak articulately with customers, clients, and vendors to answer questions, problem-solve, and create the best possible outcomes. For those with limited experience, a desire to learn and willingness to engage in education about new industry trends is a highly desirable trait.
  • Business acumen: In addition to having relevant industry knowledge, look for business-savvy applicants. These are candidates who understand the risks and opportunities associated with the business at large. They are decisive, perceptive, and big-picture thinkers.

If you’re looking for the best candidates for your building products business, we can help. Our specialized industry knowledge and years of experience can help you find the best talent for your team. Give us a call today.