Marketing professionals are an important business asset. Marketing helps to drive brand awareness and leads to sales for the business, as well as research what customers need and want. When it comes to hiring qualified marketing team members, what are the most important things to look for?

  1. Strong strategist: Much of a marketer’s responsibilities lie in the ability to create strategies that support the overall business goals. A strong marketing candidate will display ideas for how to nurture growth and creative ways to bring a message to a market. Do they have an understanding of how marketing initiatives can effect the business at large and how teams can work together to align and create more effective marketing initiatives?
  2. Attention to detail and ability to multitask: Modern marketers are often responsible for managing many different parts of a campaign. Does your candidate have experience working across multiple channels and evidence of projects and campaigns they have worked on? Experience working with both traditional and digital channels is becoming a necessity for most marketing roles these days. In addition to being adept at handling multiple parts of a project, marketing professionals should have strong planning skills to manage both short- and long-term goals.
  3. Tech skills: The technology used to deliver marketing messaging is always changing. From social media to programmatic advertising solutions to marketing automation software, it’s important to have a tech-forward mindset to embrace whatever supports the best way for your business to get in front of customers. The best marketing hires are adaptable and forward thinking.
  4. Good communication: Marketers need to not only be good at communicating with their audience, but also with their co-workers and supervisors. Marketing campaigns and other projects can move fast and change even faster, so it’s important to have people on the team who are good at communicating details, timelines and progress.
  5. Relevant experience: The right marketing candidate for your business will have an understanding of marketing principles as a whole and the specific knowledge to work in your industry. Candidates should display an understanding of marketing fundamentals and knowledge of marketing communications channels as well as have proven experience in the field.

Well-rounded marketing candidates can help you reach more customers and face whatever marketing challenges you come up against. From strategy to execution, it’s important that marketers always have growth goals in mind and the skills and experience to support those.

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