Recruiting top talent requires a certain kind of marketing. While you’re not advertising goods and services or products for sale, employers do have a brand they need to pay attention to. Employer branding and marketing efforts are important for attracting and recruiting candidates, and the stronger your employer marketing, the better talent you’ll be able to place in your open positions.

Here are some of the top recruitment marketing trends employers can benefit from in 2020.

  1. Better candidate experience: The applicant process and recruitment experience matters. Candidates are more likely to drop out of an application process if the candidate experience is too long or complicated. For instance, many employers have switched to a system that enables candidates to simply upload their resume without going through an entire application. Employers have also realized the importance of following up and efficiently communicating next steps so that applicants aren’t dropping out of the process or accepting jobs with other employers. The candidate experience is one of the most important modern focuses of employer branding.
  2. Social network recruiting: Social networking recruitment continues to grow. Businesses are no longer just posting job openings on social media platforms; they’ve grown to showcasing more workplace content to help create a positive brand image to potential employees. Organizations have backed a strong push behind sharing content like employee bios, company potlucks, employee resource group event photos, and more, all to encourage candidates to apply and join a positive, inclusive work environment.
  3. Employee referrals: Referrals are on the rise. Employers have begun to understand that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to recruit talent. When employees are happy with their jobs and their company, they’re much more likely to share open jobs with talented, qualified people in their network. Companies understand that talented employees have qualified, experienced friends, family members, and other peers who can spread the word about the brand. More companies believe this method to be so effective that they offer employees referral incentives to help them bring in talent.

If you’re looking to enhance your employer branding and recruit top talent, give our team a call today. Our industry experience and network connections can help you find the qualified applicants your team needs.