Is it time for your growing business to hire an HR pro? Not every business, particularly startups, can afford a full-time HR team member, and some businesses don’t need one right away. Many HR responsibilities can initially be handled by the business owner or an HR consultant or agency. How do you know it’s time to transition to hiring your own HR professional?

  • Once you exceed a handful of employees: Most businesses will absolutely want to have hired a full-time HR person by the time they have 50 employees, but some people want to bring someone on when they have a staff of two.
  • If your business experiences a lot of turnover: If your business is stable, it might be easier to work with an HR agency or consultant, but if your business has busy seasons, a need to bring on temporary help or sees a lot of changes in staff, a full-time, on-site HR employee can be very beneficial to help manage the changes.

Beyond these tangible markers, one of the best ways to determine whether it’s time to onboard a human resource professional is to ask how important people are to the growth and development of your business. Most businesses will answer “very,” knowing that successful businesses are only as good as their people. That’s why it’s important not wait too long – the sooner you find a good fit, the better for your business. So, what do you look for in a human resource hire?

  • Industry experience: General HR knowledge is important, but how well do they know the ins and outs of your particular industry?
  • Tech savvy: Modern businesses need team members that are competent in modern technology. Whether it’s automated HR programs, managing online job boards or digitizing employee records, having a knowledge base of modern HR processes can only benefit your business and help you remain competitive.
  • Goal alignment: Is the candidate someone who just wants a job in HR or is it someone who wants to help develop good HR processes and grow your business in both revenue and reputation?

Finding the best HR process for your business will depend on your business goals, but it’s an important hiring decision to make. Beyond just handling payroll and ensuring compliance, HR team members help shape the strategic direction of the business through finding quality people, building training and development tools, and shaping a corporate culture. Human resource professionals are an integral part of your team and can directly influence your business success, so finding the best fit is crucial.

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