Some evidence supports that in most businesses, 20% of their salespeople generate 80% of the revenue. This means there are clearly team members who aren’t capable of the same output as others and likely don’t have the same skill set needed to drive the kind of business that would classify them as A-level players at the organization.

What if your entire sales team was comprised of A-level employees and you could consistently count on reliable performance? Here are some of the ways you can find more A-level talent for your team.

  1. Don’t wait to lose talent before finding your next great employee: You don’t want to lose your sales team all-stars before looking for your next high-performing team member. Keeping an open dialogue with staffing agencies about your needs and your ideal applicants can ensure you have the right connections to keep performance high .
  2. Nurture existing talent: Is there an A-player on your existing team you could promote and invest in with some skills-based training to help them reach their full potential? Are there employees on your team who simply need a vote of confidence and a nudge in the right direction to bring their skill set to the next level and help grow your business? Identifying employees who display talent such as drive, competitive spirit, honesty and more is a good way to add to your A-player line up.
  3. Identify outside talent: No one is specifically hiring lower-level talent, but identifying the A-level talent among applicants can be tricky. Working with a staffing agency that understands what to look for and has experience in Topgrading in hiring is helpful.

The Topgrading hiring method makes sense for a number of reasons. It helps really identify what skills, experiences, and personality traits make a successful employee, so employers know exactly what they’re hiring for. Additionally, instead of focusing on just behavioral interview questions, it helps businesses assess employees on the kinds of characteristics that make A-list talent, such as honesty, integrity, and more.

We can help you find the A-level talent your company needs to do the best work possible. Contact us today so we can find the high performers that will help grow your business.