Sourcing new employees can sometimes be a challenge, especially as organizations begin scaling their operations and stretching their departmental bandwidth. Even so this doesn’t remove the importance of investing adequate resources into your recruitment processes.

Over the years, the ways companies recruit their employees have changed dramatically. Now, many job markets are biased towards the candidate, meaning typically new employees choose the company and not the other way around. This shift has forced companies to change their approach to recruitment, looking for more innovative ways to source and secure new talent.

Here are three ways your firm can improve its recruitment process, using relevant tactics to acquire new candidates.

Inbound Recruitment Marketing

In the past, most companies sought new talent only when it became applicable to their needs. Today, recruitment marketing is a powerful tool that can bring qualified talent directly to your business and nurture these leads over time. Standard recruitment has always involved an application process where new talent is sourced, an interview is had, and a hiring decision is made shortly after. While this process identifies the bottom of the hiring funnel, it doesn’t address the needs of acquiring a larger group of talent to choose from.

Recruitment marketing works on the top of the hiring funnel, driving business awareness, consideration and interest in the organization as a whole. This helps to develop more leads and is typically less intrusive than standard outbound marketing tactics to source new job candidates.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

The interview process between employer and employee goes both ways. For many candidates, the overall experience they have before, during and after an application process leaves a lasting impression. Whether hired on or not, this experience as a whole gives a perception of how the company operates and if they would enjoy working with the organization.

Negative candidate experiences due to poor communication or difficult interview processes can put a bad light on the company and can damage your reputation down the road. It’s crucial in this case to focus your attention on enhancing the candidate experience and having high standards when it comes to your recruitment processes. Regardless of what hiring decisions are made, make all your applicants feel their time is valued and work towards creating simplified and effective ways to qualify new talent.

Develop a Talent Pool

A common mistake many firms make when recruiting new talent is to start their processes from scratch every time a new hire is required. Keeping a well-maintained database of top job candidates over time can significantly reduce the time it takes you to source new applicants when the need arises.

Potential candidates can come from a variety of sources, including past job applicants who weren’t hired for a different role, employee contact referrals or other interested parties who’ve networked directly with the company. Having a dedicated talent pool is a high starting point when it comes to filling new positions with your company. These groups can be accessed on-demand and are typically the quickest, most efficient ways of securing qualified individuals.

Maintaining relevant recruitment processes is vital to find and reach the best job candidates in today’s market. By using these three tactics when developing your hiring practices, you’ll be able to leave a positive impression of your company while sourcing and acquiring better-qualified talent.

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