If you’ve ever wanted a job with more flexibility, becoming a recruiter with TalentSphere might be the answer. Our recruiters enjoy the stability of working for a company that provides support and resources and even benefits without the hassle of being tied to a desk from 9-5 or a long commute. In short, our agency is the perfect solution for recruiters who are balancing their job and their family.

If you’ve got a busy family, here’s how working flexible hours with TalentSphere can work for you:

  • Less guilt: You no longer have to feel bad about missing your child’s recital or not being able to see their first baseball game. You can work the hours you want to work instead of someone telling you when you’re most productive.
  • More freedom: Your life and your time is yours. You can take a break when you need to recharge or run errands like picking up a sick child from school and come back when it makes sense for your daily schedule. You can take vacations with your family and relax and enjoy your time away rather than stress about all of the things you’re missing in the office.
  • Cost effective: Anyone with a family knows that saving money is a priority. With less wear and tear on a car and less gas guzzled by a commute, you’re helping save your family some money which can be reinvested elsewhere or saved for something important.

You no longer have to juggle the priorities of your family and your job. With flexible hours at TalentSpere and a supportive remote environment, you can now have both. In addition to offering dynamic flexibility to family-oriented business professionals, TalentSphere gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your job from training to technology. Our recruiters work in placing temporary or interim employees, permanent placement, speaking engagement, and even executive search so there’s a space on the team for every skill set. Plus, the commission is always straightforward and uncapped.

To finally take hold of the flexible career you’ve dreamed of, contact us today.