The job of interior designers is to make interior building spaces functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing. This includes the ability for designers to determine space issues and requirements, read blueprints, have an awareness of building codes and regulations, and be able to focus on decorative elements like color, paint, lighting and materials. Having a good eye for color and an appreciation of math, as well as being a good problem solver, are some of the key qualities to take into your design career. Other things to prioritize to grow as an interior designer include:

  1. Focus on your portfolio: A designer’s portfolio is their calling card, so make sure you are always collecting and organizing work samples, photography and other pieces to show to potential employers or clients.
  2. Grow your network: Maintaining good working relationships with past co-workers and classmates is key when it comes to keeping a strong professional network that can potentially introduce you to business and project opportunities. You can continue to grow your network by attending trade shows, events at a local university or even through LinkedIn.
  3. Expand your project range: Early in your career is a good time to experiment. You can work with a design firm to get a feel for what kinds of projects are available to interior designers, such as work in commercial and residential spaces. Working with a firm is also one of the better ways to get access to larger, more creative projects. This is how many designers figure out where their skills and interest lie and are able to decide what their focus areas will be.

If you’re looking to get into the interior design world or are looking for your next role as you grow your career, we can help. Contact us today to find the design position you’ve been working for.