Recruiters are experts in finding the right candidates for roles companies hire them to fill. But did you know they can also help candidates secure a salary they’re comfortable with? A recruiter’s experience can not just help you find the right next step in your career, but also help you negotiate your next salary. Here’s how.

  • New options: It’s possible that working with a recruiter might be your first step towards a higher salary. They may be able to present you with options you hadn’t thought of yet regarding where your career might be headed and what the next step might be. They may also work with an exclusive client who doesn’t list job openings publicly, offering you potential access to a position – and its associated salary – you wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.
  • Industry knowledge: Recruiters are the authority in the industry they recruit for. They know the trends and going wages for positions within that industry – they may have even helped to place positions with that specific business before and can help make sure that you’re getting a fair wage.
  • Established business relationships: When you get hired directly by a business, it’s harder to know for sure if you’re getting a fair offer. Candidates often report being intimidated or unsure about the salary negotiation process. Having a go-between in the form of a recruiter – someone who has worked with that business before and has already set expectations with them – can be a helpful guide in your quest for better wages in your next role.
  • Reputation: Your recruiter wants to make sure they set their client up with the best candidate possible. Their reputation as someone who can deliver big results for the business is on the line. Sometimes, those results come with a certain price tag. Recruiters can make the case of why a certain candidate deserves a certain salary based on their experience, credentials, and more.

Our team’s experience can help you navigate your way through salary negotiations and into your next role. If you’re looking for a recruiter to help you advance your career and your money-making potential, contact us today.