The increased demand for quality architects has led to a talent shortage – right now the number of openings for architecture positions in firms country-wide exceeds the number of qualified candidates. This talent shortage has led to increased competition faced by firms for securing the best talent, and firms are scrambling to ensure they have the employees to support their business and complete their projects.

Experts in the design community have noted that finding the best talent and filling spots faster means offering a more competitive salary. Shawna Wagner, a manager of architecture and design recruitment at TalentSphere’, says, “The last 3 years have seen firms experience pressure on salaries as competition for talent has been consistently strong. Firms have had to compete quite aggressively to attract the most talented architects and designers which has seen higher salaries, more attractive bonus programs and further financial incentives becoming commonplace.”

It’s key, then, to stay on top of industry salary trends in order to remain competitive and create the kind of offers that will get more qualified candidates to join your team. Our staffing experts have noticed trends that put the salary range for Senior Architects at $90-110k, while Junior or Intern Architects can average salaries in the $50-70k range. Intermediates fall between $75-90k.

However, it’s important to note that firms seeking talented candidates need to offer more than just a solid compensation package to attract and retain talent. Wagner notes, “the reputation of the firm and the type of work that they are known for often is the main driver for candidates seeking career moves.”

One of the best solutions for getting top talent faster and at a fair rate? Wagner recommends seeking outside expertise. “Partnering with a recruitment firm that really understands the market, understands the drivers that excite both architects and designers, can ask the right questions when taking a job brief and can effectively sell an opportunity to one of these candidates can often be the difference between securing top talent and missing out.”

If you’re ready to take your search to the next level and find employees that can help your business meet its goals and support its mission, contact TalentSphere Staffing Solutions today.