Hiring isn’t something to be rushed – you want to make sure you find the right skill fit, a good culture match, and create a solid offer package. But did you know that moving too slowly when hiring can be just as damaging to your business as hiring too fast?

Here’s how slow or delayed hiring can hurt your company.

  1. Lower-quality hires: The best candidates might be off the market soon after your last contact with them. If candidates are still available a significant amount of time after your interview with them, they’re likely not strong performers. This can lead to significant costs to your business, either in mistakes and inefficiencies that impact your bottom line, or through training costs.
  2. Reduced productivity: The longer a position goes unfilled, the longer there are gaps in your team efficiencies. If existing team members have to take on the responsibilities of a vacant position, they will likely not be able to accomplish as much with as much skill, speed and accuracy. This creates stress as well as potential mistakes.
  3. Negative impact to your employer brand: With sites like Glassdoor, employees have more opportunities than ever to share their interview and hiring process stories with others. If other applicants read that a candidate had a bad experience with your company – a long wait to be followed up with, several miscommunications – it may discourage other qualified candidates from applying with your company down the road.

Candidates can easily lose interest or grow frustrated if the hiring processes drags on too long. While most understand that a thorough process means an employer who cares about their business and invests in the right people, they might also be concerned that a long delay indicates indecision from the hiring manager, lack of communication internally between HR and management, or poor organizational skills in business leadership.

The best candidates will have other options, so if you take too long, you’ll miss out on the best talent.

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