Working in finance is important work – people and businesses count on your expertise and professional help to plan and budget for the future. But what about your future? If you’re feeling stagnant in your finance career or are wondering what the next step on your career path is, start here.

  • Find a mentor: Finance doesn’t necessarily seem like a career where you’d want to find a mentor or ask for input from an expert, but asking for advice or guidance from someone you admire or whose leadership you trust can influence your career for the better. Having someone to go to with questions or simply to watch make decisions can inspire you and hep you grow professional and personally.
  • Grow your network: Your career isn’t just about who you know, but knowing more people can connect you to more career opportunities. Even if new career connections don’t lead to new or better jobs, they might be able to increase your industry knowledge, be a good source for news, and help you acquire job references or letters of recommendation. Increasing your professional network can include anything from attending annual conferences to connecting with new contacts on LinkedIn to keeping in touch with old co-workers. The “how” of making new business connections isn’t as important as the actual growing.
  • Get certified: Additional education, particularly in the form of certifications, can help you get more job offers or promoted in your current position. Certifications and additional education credentials will enhance your problem-solving ability and grow your knowledge to help you prepare for what’s ahead and support you in the next phase of your career. Certifications like CPA (certified public accountant) and FRM (financial risk manager) will make you all the more qualified and position you as an asset companies will want to hire.
  • Enhance your interview skills: You can stand out in a group of other highly qualified candidates by practicing how you present and how you articulate you experience. How you engage with your interviewer can make a big difference in whether or not you get the job.

Becoming your best professional self doesn’t happen in a vacuum – asking for help or looking to experts, creating connections and advancing your skills through educational opportunities will help you continually grow.

To find your next finance position and grow your career, contact our team today. We take pride in our extensive network and years of experience that help put people like you in the right jobs.