Accepting or aiming for a promotion isn’t always as simple as it might seem like. More prestige, more money, and maybe even a bigger office – why would anyone say no? It turns out that getting a promotion isn’t everyone’s idea of a career goal.

Some recruiters are finding they no longer want to be promoted to senior consultant, associate director, operating director, regional director or other leadership roles because they’ve heard their peers talk about the drawbacks, often including more meetings, less time managing your desk and a limited pay raise. That’s why we don’t believe success is determined by job titles. We believe your success is defined by you.

Not working for a promotion doesn’t mean being stagnant and doesn’t mean not working hard. It means that you’re in the driver’s seat of your career AND your earnings. As a TalentSphere recruiter, you work with one of the best organizations in the industry and have the freedom to make your career work for your life instead of the other way around.

Our recruiters:

  • Earn 60% commission with no earnings cap
  • Have access to the best technology
  • Can take unlimited vacation
  • Enjoy excellent health and dental benefits
  • Can work from anywhere in the world
  • Can work the hours they chose
  • Are not limited by geography, sector or discipline in what they recruit

All that without needing to wait to become a manager, director or some other meaningless title. You don’t need to treat your job as just a race to an imaginary finish line. Your career can be fulfilling, challenging and unique to your definition of success. It’s more than just a title. Is it flexibility? Greater earnings potential? Building a residual income for yourself and your family?

What are your career goals? We can help you meet them. TalentSphere offers career development, not just advancement. We want to help you find the role that makes the most sense for you, because we know when you feel empowered, your work will show it and you’ll want to stay a part of our team.

We can help you create the right teams around you and take your career into your own hands. We offer you the support and let your talent lead the way – with TalentSphere, you spend your time doing what you’re good at: recruiting and relationship building without having to deal with IT issues, running payroll, sending invoices, chasing debt or dealing with advertising. Contact us to talk more about becoming a recruiter with TalentSphere today.