People work for a lot of reasons: personal satisfaction; gregariousness; a desire to climb the corporate ladder. But the top of the list is usually compensation – money to pay mortgages, put gas in the car, groceries in the fridge, pay for our kids’ college, or vacation more in our retirement years. Working as a recruiter, you know the frustration of working hard to hit your targets and billing at $400 – $500K, only to earn a commission that doesn’t justify the work and time you put in or the business you’ve brought into your agency.

When it comes to commission, you have two options: you can work even harder to earn more and make ends meet; or you can find a company that pays you fairly. If you find yourself taking the second option, we don’t blame you. We’d also like to meet you.

Our firm stands by two things above all: your time is your time and your money is your money. We don’t believe in restricting either. We reward our recruiters with the perks they deserve and encourage excellent working relationships by treating everyone like adults, capable of making their own decisions, managing their time, and excelling in what we’ve hired them for: recruitment.

We want to see our people succeed and have the kind of lives they’ve always dreamed of. That’s why with TalentSphere, there are no income caps and you keep the bigger percentage of your commission. That’s right – your earnings are unlimited and you earn 60% commission on every permanent deal. There is no small print, you earned it, so you should get to keep it.

You don’t have to settle for taking less than you deserve anymore. TalentSphere is looking for top talent – you. In addition to a fair commission structure, working as a TalentSphere recruiter means:

  • Being able to create your own schedule
  • Working from anywhere with our remote working model
  • Technology to support your goals
  • Career development and training opportunities
  • A supportive and collaborative team environment
  • Full health and dental benefits

If you’re ready for a change, contact TalentSphere Staffing Solutions today. We can help. Our unique business model is the key to our success and can help empower yours as well.