Recruiters – Are you an Entrepreneur, Wantapreneur, Remote Worker or Worker Bee?

The working hours for an agency recruiter are typically longer than most. It is hardly surprising therefore that many consultants working for the big agencies spend their days dreaming of better things. Recruitment is, comparative to many other industries, one with low costs [...]

Agency Recruitment – Taking a Promotion Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Accepting or aiming for a promotion isn’t always as simple as it might seem like. More prestige, more money, and maybe even a bigger office – why would anyone say no? It turns out that getting a promotion isn’t everyone’s idea of [...]

Agency Recruitment – Why Give Up The Bulk of Your Commission When You Don’t Have To?

People work for a lot of reasons: personal satisfaction; gregariousness; a desire to climb the corporate ladder. But the top of the list is usually compensation – money to pay mortgages, put gas in the car, groceries in the fridge, pay [...]

People Challenges in The Building Materials Industry

While the building materials industry may be continuing to see great success overall, that’s not to say it’s without its people challenges. Company leaders, sales leaders, and sales and marketing teams are facing some significant difficulties. Conveying value vs. price: If your product is [...]