While building and construction continue to grow, the number of people ready, willing, and qualified to take on construction roles hasn’t become in line with it. This has led to an inability of some construction companies to fill their open positions with the talent they need. Here’s what to focus on to improve your construction job fill rate outcomes.

  • Highlight construction technology: Many people might not equate “technology” with “construction,” but good tech supports and enhances successful construction teams. Tech-savvy and future-focused generations might be more inclined to consider a job in construction if they knew that that company was on the cutting edge and incorporating more tech into the trades. Highlighting this in job postings and interviews can help you secure more candidates, particularly anyone wary of the trades or construction jobs, because they believe that it only includes building materials.
  • Offer apprenticeships: Apprenticeships used to be a major part of the trades and in job training in general, but they’ve largely dropped off as a popular way to grow someone in a career in North America. It’s a useful option for some businesses because apprenticeships can attract workers that wouldn’t otherwise have had the money or time to spend on college or technical school training and become qualified enough for a position. Plus, apprenticeships often encourage employees to stay on long term with the company that invested in them.
  • Improve the company’s reputation: Hiring during a labor shortage comes down to one thing – candidates wanting to come work for your company over someone else’s. Candidates have a choice of where they go to work, and you want to do whatever you can to improve your company’s chances of securing that talent. What are some other ways you can improve your company’s reputation to attract top candidates? Your culture, for starters. You can cultivate the kind of environment people want to work through prioritizing continuing education, promotion from within, competitive salaries, opportunities for philanthropic giving, and more. Social media gives businesses amazing opportunities to showcase how they value their team.
  • Consult with the experts: Partnering with a construction industry recruitment consultant helps you cast a wider candidate net. You can increase access to quality talent by utilizing the skills and candidate network that staffing companies have. Using a recruitment agency helps companies find talent by passive candidate sourcing and even finding talent with competitors.

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