September 2021

Counter-Offer Culture

By |2021-06-29T18:01:14-04:00September 6, 2021|Candidates, Companies, Counter-offer culture|

You’ve been interviewing on the hour for the past four days. If you have to shake hands with another smiling, nervous applicant you might just have to scream. Then, in walks someone confident, assured and with a near perfect match of resume to job spec. Suddenly, you think your recruitment consultant is a guardian angel. The minute this gem walks out of your office after the interview you can’t grapple for the phone quickly enough to convey a […]

June 2021

Writing a Job Specification

By |2021-06-23T16:35:09-04:00June 28, 2021|Companies, Writing a job specification|

It’s easy to say over the phone to a recruitment consultant, what sort of person you’re looking for and what they’ll be doing. But how could you benefit from really getting a grip on a detailed job and person spec?

Why bother?

Before you place a job advertisement or register your vacancy with a recruitment consultancy, it’s wise to invest some time evaluating just what it is you’re after.

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