March 2023

A Culture of Confidence

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Turns out, there are benefits that come from being a cocky teenager. Although your parents might have been counting down the days until you flew the nest, that swagger means you’ll likely end up earning a higher salary than those of your more modest friends. According to the Journal of Economic Psychology, their “Self-Esteem and Earnings” study showed that your level of confidence is at least as important as how smart you are when it comes to how much money […]

February 2023

Embracing the Entitled

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Be honest; when you read the title of our TalentSphere Update, did it immediately conjure up an image of a selfie-taking, social media addicted, text-obsessed millennial? Before we go any further, let us first take a moment and apologize to the recent generation entering the workforce. Turns out, there may not be any increase at all in narcissism over the past few decades. In a scientific analysis of approximately one-half million high-school seniors over three decades,  Brent Donnellan and Kali […]

Interviews: Traditional or Transparent?

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It is commonly known that all individuals should put their best foot forward throughout the interviewing process – both applicants and hiring managers alike. Offices are tidied up, everyone is polite with introductory small talk, and professional game faces are on.

“My greatest weaknesses? I work too hard. I sometimes care too much about the work I do. I don’t know when to quit; some have even told me my tendency to over-achieve makes others in the department second-guess their value […]

TalentSphere’s 10th Anniversary!

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Founded in 2013, TalentSphere is a boutique recruitment consultancy that has proudly had incredible growth year over year. We revolutionized the market in 2013 by offering an employee/employer relationship in a 100% remote workplace.  Now we have expanded to 55 employees servicing Canada and the United States.

Feb 14th, we Celebrate 10 Years of Achievement, putting our Employees, Candidates and Clients in a better place.  Special thanks to our Managers, Consultants and Operation Team; our success would not be […]

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